About us

About us

FaFo is a sociological research institute located at the Statistical Office of the State of Baden-Württemberg. Founded in 1982, its main focus is family science, the principal fields of activity are the empirical analysis of the life situation of families as well as policy advice on the sustainable development of society.

Range of Topics

  • Demography
  • Family politics on a local level, sustainable development of communities
  • Work-life balance, lack of specialised workforce, personnel development
  • Income situation of families, poverty, wealth
  • Ageing of society, elderly people
  • Education, migration and integration, equal opportunity
  • Family enrichment
  • Civic participation
  • Health
  • Time allocation for families, care

Apart from data and analyses our services include offers of participation, information, education, consultation and support for the sustainable development of local communities and businesses. Our strength lies in the broad range of competence, the creativity and the experience of our employees.

FaFo specialises in two general areas of work. The scientific division covers social and family based analyses and its results provide the basis for continuous and relevant reporting on the situation of families. It also concerns itself with the demographic challenges and identifies options for action.

The service division offers service and advisory activities concerning family policies to local communities and businesses. In this way it provides the practical implementation and support of more family-friendliness in local communities and businesses.

Both areas of work complement one another. Results from the scientific analyses flow into the service division and are converted operationally into practice while the experience from practice influences the theoretical work.

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